Ride with Marcus and Sebastian
Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy
4.053 km, 12 days

AKA “Bella Italia”. Sebastian, Marcus and me riding for a wedding to Apulia! Via Austria, Slovenia and Croatia (somewhat shortened due to rain) where we took the night ferry to Ancona. Then crossing Abruzzo and visited Campo Imperatore where they used to hide obese Italian fascists. Feeling sorry for seeing still unbelievable damage in Abruzzo due to earthquakes. Had to be extra careful and on time as we had to deliver the groom safe and sound in Martina Franca. Therefore, I decided it would be safer if I threw my bike away in a slippery corner instead of Sebastian. Not much damage to bike or rider and my wife was even so kind to express-deliver a new valve cap when she arrived 🙂





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