Barcelona (not)

Ride with Sebastian
Germany, Austria, Italy, France
2.864 km, 8 days

Well… how should I call this trip…? Intended to go to Barcelona on my reliable R 100 R. Sebastian and me rode via Black Forest (Highlight: “Hotel Lawine”) through the French Alps to Nice. On the way to the Verdon Gorge I took a closer look at the (no longer existing) tire profile. Seems like I left too much rubber in the French Alps… and although the strongly committed BMW Motorrad dealer in Toulon tried everything, a new set of these no longer commonly available tires during holiday season took several days. The guy in the workshop said that with almost any other form of breakdown, he would have solved it in a matter of hours. Ok, I get it, tires seem to be important… So I joined my wife and family in Barcelona by train and picked the bike up on my way back. Going there in an air-conditioned TGV was almost too comfortable 🙂





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