Solo ride (more or less)
Germany, Belgium, France, UK
3.241 km, 6 days

After riding mostly in the Alps, I thought “and now for something completely different”. On the day before starting my tour to Cornwall, I went to the Technical University of Munich for the annual summer party of an institute I worked with in the past. Coincidentally, my former (and later) research partner also planned to go to Cornwall with his family… Meeting there three days later for dinner and drinks was fun. Sammy Miller’s Motorcycle Museum is also a must-see! Vincents! The highlight on the way back was to meet Michael on the Euro Train on his way to Germany and join him. We drove to the Biker’s Loft in Groenedijk ( where you park your motorcycles in a big storage-like hall and all the hotel rooms open to that indoor parking space. Unique.  





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