Category: 2007-2013

  • Austria

    Ride with Claude Germany, Austria 1.190 km, 3 days First tour together with a buddy – what an upgrade sharing the road! We met with friends in Styria and participated at a nightly traditional moon shine hiking tour in Oberhaag. Going from one Buschenschank to the next during nighttime while getting tons of home made…

  • 1st tour South Tyrol

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Italy 686 km, 3 days Very first tour with to the Dolomites on a motorcycle. Instantly got addicted. ↑

  • Andalusia

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland 6.303 km, 10 days That trip has a special place in my heart. Born as just a crazy idea, I ended up riding my bike all the way down to southern Spain to meet my wife for our annual vacation. Didn’t have much riding time and almost…

  • South Tyrol and Austria

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Italy 785 km, 3 days Joined my parents for a hiking trip in the alps and continued to ride to a friend’s wedding in Rauris, Austria. What a nice opportunity to combine Timmelsjoch, Jaufen Pass, Staller Saddle and especially the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. ↑

  • Vienna

    Solo ride Germany, Austria 967 km, 2 days Just a quick trip to Vienna and back over a long Easter weekend. Kind of a highlight was a personal parking space right in front of the hotel in the middle of Vienna center. The hotel staff didn’t know where the next motorcycle parking was, but they…

  • Italy and Slovenia

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia 1.876 km, 5 days Having found out that my 2007 Triumph Bonneville with a range of only about 200 km was not the ideal long-distance bike (surprise!) I bought a 1991 BMW R 100 R in 2009. Paralever and cardan shaft, 24 liters of gas, panniers and an engine…

  • San Diego

    Solo ride California 270 km, 1 day Went to San Diego for a conference and was asked to stay over the weekend as the flight costs were substantially lower than. I would have agreed to a weekend there anyway – but finding out that a motorcycle rental was just around the corner really made my…

  • South Tyrol

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Italy 971 km, 3 days Until 2009, I’ve only read about the legendary 48 hairpin turns of the Stelvio pass. To be honest: It took me some years and substantial improvement in riding skills until I began to like that pass. But landscape and view are spectacular anyway. ↑

  • Cornwall

    Solo ride (more or less) Germany, Belgium, France, UK 3.241 km, 6 days After riding mostly in the Alps, I thought “and now for something completely different”. On the day before starting my tour to Cornwall, I went to the Technical University of Munich for the annual summer party of an institute I worked with…

  • Madrid

    Solo ride Germany, France, Spain 4.664 km, 10 days Back to Spain! This time with a better plan than just to use highways and better riding dynamics on a BMW R 1200 R Classic. Culinary adventures in France followed by spectacular Pyrenees and (re-)visiting lots of bars in Madrid. ↑

  • Barcelona

    Solo ride Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy 4.110 km, 9 days My last trip to Spain allowed me a first glimpse on the beauty of the Pyrenees. Did it again. Visited the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña where the Holy Grail was kept for protection. It wasn’t there anymore of course as…

  • Highway 1 and Big Sur

    Solo ride California 627  km, 1 day When sending me on a business trip to the US the gods of motorcycling seem to favor me. Again a motorcycle rental in walking distance from a human-factors conference venue in San Francisco. Started very early in the morning and rode down legendary Highland 1 in legendary weather.…

  • San Francisco Bay Area

    Ride with Daniela California 207  km, 1 day No business trip this time, vacation was planned on purpose. On a motorcycle with my wife riding over the Golden Gate bridge felt like a childhood dream come true. ↑

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